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While I’ve finally accepted the fact the holidays have once again come and gone, it is slightly mind-blowing that we’re basically at the end of January. Since when did I blink for a second only to open my eyes to everything pink and red for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Ah, 2016 PLEASE slow down!

Life has been speeding along with the usual busyness, but Derek and I have been trying to squeeze in a few NYC adventures before the temps drop too low for comfort. Those cold, blustery days are coming. I can feel it. Just last week, I had to do what I’ve been dreading most — pulling out my puffer coat. Whenever I wear that hideous thing, I instantly feel like a huge black marshmallow. But, as ugly as that coat might be, it sure is warm. Heck, it’s like my very own cocoon!

Anyway, enough of my puffer nonsense. Below are just a few photos of what’s been happening in New York lately…


Egg shop. Love this place. It has the coolest vibes. Not to mention they serve the BEST mint-lemon water.


Two weekends ago, we underwent MAJOR de-cluttering. I never even knew we had so much junk hidden in the nooks and crannies of our apartment. My favorite thing about decluttering is coming across sentimental keepsakes. So many old family photos, cards and letters! Absolutely loved it.


If you’re ever in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area, you MUST try Bakeri. No question. Such a darling bakery with the coolest decor. And the cookies. There are no words to describe them. The sea-salt, rosemary, hazelnut, chocolate chip one is my all-time favorite. It’s about the size of my head, but somehow I don’t even feel guilty when eating it. It’s just that good.



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Loved coming across this rainbow wall in Dumbo. At least these bright & bold colors will keep us warm during these next wintery months.


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