Egg Overload


It has now been over two years since I moved to New York and started calling this city home. But you know what, even after these two years, this place still amazes me. So much to see and do. So much to explore. And don’t even get me started on the countless new restaurants always popping up. I’m still trying to get through my lengthy list of all the ones I’m dying to chow down at.

But you want to know what amazes me the most about this big ole city? It’s the fact that nothing ever surprises me anymore. Walking down the streets I feel like I’m constantly in a only-in-nyc mindset. Even when I saw a man walking one day with a cat on his head, I didn’t think twice about it. Because here, basically anything goes. New York is so continually random and unpredictable and many of times crazy, which is what makes this city so beautiful to live in. Not to mention an endless adventure.

So, when I read about the recent “Livestrong” exhibit, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I wrote it down onto my definitely-got-to-see list. I mean, where else on earth could you witness 7,000 plastic fried eggs!? Only in New York, right!? Somehow, I was able to drag Derek along to see this masterpiece. And once we arrived to the gallery, there they were. Plastic eggs plastered along pipes, sliding down walls, and sprawling out across the concrete floors. All 7,000 of them. This egg sighting was so much fun, even though I think it’s safe to say I was much more amused than Derek. Poor guy. At least we went and got brunch at one of his favorite places to eat afterward…





Oh, New York. How I love your many enchantments!

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