Ice Skating & Holiday Markets


After three years of Christmases in New York, Derek and I finally made it to the Rockefeller Rink for ice skating before we left to come home for the holidays. Of course, when you think about ice skating in the city, your mind immediately shifts to thoughts of Rockefeller Plaza. I guess that’s why I was always so against the idea, since I knew it would be us and a million other people crammed together trying to skate on a rink that is much smaller in reality than it appears on tv. Yet, this year was different. I don’t know how he did it, but somehow Derek managed to convince me the experience would be worth it. Looking back, he was right, it was worth it. But only because we woke up at the crack of dawn so we’d be at the rink right when it opened before the true crowd scurried in!


For the first twenty minutes or so, we practically had the rink all to ourselves, which was so much fun. Luckily for us, it was plenty of time to goof around and pretend we actually know what we were doing.


Since ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza is a you-only-do-it-once kind of thing, we had to document this big moment. We tried asking random people to take our picture, but as you can see below, it was a lot harder than we thought to find that perfect photographer.


As always, the third time’s always a charm.


Afterwards, we scooted on down to the West Village to enjoy breakfast at one of our all-time favs, Bluestone Lane. Ah, this place literally has the best coffee, brekkie boards, and granola you’ll ever have. A true gem if you ask me.


Once we stuffed our faces way too much, we headed on over to my personal favorite holiday market in Union Square. I don’t know why exactly, but this market makes me the happiest! So many friendly vendors. So much cool art. So many delicious holiday treats. And of course, so much apple cider.





As relaxing as it has been being home for the holidays, I’m a little nervous to head back up north to the city just since I know once we return, all the Christmas cheer will have suddenly faded away. The lights will have been taken the down. The holiday markets will have been packed up. And of course, the thing I dread the most seeing, the Christmas trees will be thrown out on the sidewalks, waiting to be picked by the next garbage truck. Ah, what a let down, especially since I’m such a sucker for everything Christmas. But, just as time keep on ticking, I must do the same. But who’s to say we won’t be leaving our tree up for just a wee bit longer!

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