An Early Morning on Lombard Street

Ah, the infamous Lombard Street. It’s practically on everybody’s bucket list when visiting San Francisco for the first time. And with good reason. I mean, it has been claimed to be “the most crooked street in the world.” You want to know what’s even better than driving  [extremely slow] down the eight hairpin turns? RUNNING […]

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One of the Best Views in San Francisco

One of the best things to do when exploring a new city is to see all its glory from up above. Think about it — New York City = Empire State Building. Chicago = Sears Tower. Paris = Eiffel Tower. Washington, DC = Washington Monument. And San Francisco? Well, the Coit Tower of course.

You know, that slender concrete column sitting high on Telegraph Hill!? While some say this tower resembles a fire hose nozzle, whatever it reminds you of there is one thing about it I think we all can agree on — It provides one spectacular view of the city.

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San Francisco Lately

Hello, friends!

How have you all been? I hope life has been kind to you these last couple of weeks. Anyone else counting down to Christmas? Who am I kidding – aren’t we all?! Derek and I will be flying back to the east coast for a week, and we’re both super excited. It’s now been four months since either of us were on North Carolina soil. It’s about time to slow down and press pause on time — well, as best as we can — so we can soak up all the days we’ll have with our loved ones.

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Hiking to the Highest Point in San Francisco: Mount Davidson

It’s no secret San Francisco is known for its high points. Encompassed with steep hills, peaks and summits, this is the city to roam if you’re on a quest for some solid glutes.

Yet, ever wonder where the highest point in the city is?

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The Most Peaceful Place in San Francisco: Fort Funston

About two weeks ago, we found serenity at its finest.

Known by the name of Fort Funston, this tranquil spot has curative powers. And believe it or not, it is actually located in city limits, which means it is totally accessible by public transportation. For car-less people like us, this place is a total win and has earned its way to the top of my “I Heart San Fran” list.

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365 Days Since Hiking Machu Picchu

Wow. It sure is hard for me to comprehend a year has passed since flying down to South America for the first time to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!

Four days of non-stop hiking. What an adventure that was! What a challenge, both mentally and physically. Yet, I wouldn’t trade a thing. Okay, I take that back. There is one thing I’d take back…

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