The Lights at Dyker Heights

Since the weather was surprisingly still very warm last weekend, Derek and I thought it’d be the perfect time to hop on the R-train and go see the lights at Dyker Heights. Neither one of us had ever seen this light show before, but apparently it’s a really big deal. So many “mcmansions” decked out in professionally decorated light displays. Yes, you read that right…professionally decorated! After reading that some of the displays cost upwards of $20k I just knew there was no doubt about it, this was something we had to see with our own eyes. I mean, can you imagine that electric bill come January!?

As soon as we approached the neighborhood, it became quite obvious why this is becoming a “must-see” during Christmastime in New York. SO many lights! SO many sparkles. And such elaborate displays! From gigantic lawn ornaments, to motorized displays, this area had it all. Not to mention the long line of cars rolling by to check out the view. Even on a Sunday night, this neighborhood was popping with visitors wanting to take in all the holiday cheer.








Dyker Heights, I can now see why you’re the new talk of the town. You certainly are one of a kind.

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