Christmas Down 5th Avenue

Apparently, a big “tourist” thing to do during Christmas time here in the city is walk down 5th Avenue to take in all the beautiful light displays. Several people had mentioned this route to me earlier in the year, and I thought “why have Derek and I never done this before!?” So, to make sure we didn’t miss out again this year, we decided to make the walk last Wednesday night after work.

Now, I understand why this route is such a must-see. The walk was absolutely stunning. We started our voyage at Bryant Park (42nd street), although you technically can begin at Macy’s (35th Street.) Since we ice-skated here earlier in the year when Grace helped us move, we decided just to be spectators this go-round. This park always makes me smile, but especially at this time during the year. From the rink to the craft markets and food stands, I love it all.



Not to mention the giant ornaments on the giant tree.




Next up was the breathtaking tree at Rockefeller Plaza (pictured above). Did you know there are 30,000 lights on that bad boy? Even on a random Wednesday night, this place was PACKED! Across the street was the mesmerizing light show taking place on the entire front side of Saks. As you can see below, this performance was unbelievable!



The snowflake at Tiffany’s!




And of course, my personal favorite: the window displays at Bergdorf Goodman. These pictures below don’t do much justice, because these windows are truly phenomenal! Such an incredible sight to see, and so much color!





Oh, how I love Christmas in New York. Can’t the lights just stay up all year round?!

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