Exploring Cusco, Peru

Wow. As I sit here clicking through our countless photos of Peru, I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that this adventure has already come and gone. I can still vividly remember back in March when I first brought up the idea to Derek of hiking Machu Picchu. Now, here we are, eight months later, and somehow that dream has now turned into a memory. Yet, as I reminisce back to the nine days we spent exploring Peru, I cannot help but grin from ear to ear.

Besides the four days we were hiking on the Inca Trail (more on that to come soon!) the rest of our time was spent in Cusco. What a beautiful, bright city! So much color, which I loved. So much charm. And so much hospitality. Everyone we met was just as friendly as one could be, and it didn’t take much time before we felt right at home. We took literally hundreds of photos so to save you a bunch of time, I’ve narrowed down our favorites below!

We stayed at the Amaru II Hostal, which was just beyond gorgeous. Such a nice hidden oasis from the center city.



One of my favorite things about this city was how bright it was. So much color at every single corner. From doors to windows, there was always that fun pop.


Notice the teeny-tiny sidewalks below. These were the narrowest sidewalks I’ve ever seen! But the streets were cobblestoned, which I’m a huge sucker for.




The main plaza was truly breathtaking. This area was so lively, which made meandering around extra fun. So many street vendors, local artisans, and cozy cafes.





We had a blast exploring all the local markets. From hats and scarves, to rugs and table runners, there were so many things I wish we could have brought back to the States. Yet, since we only had our backpacks for the hike, space was most certainly limited. But, that didn’t mean we couldn’t have just a wee bit of fun playing dress-up…well, for me anyway!

5 (1)

Llamas, llamas, llamas!





We were definitely spoiled with the beautiful weather. The clear skies made for such captivating views of the mountain range.


19 (1)


Our eyes practically stayed glued open the entire time while perusing the city streets. Looking back, I’m so happy they were, as we were able to capture moments like the one below!



More llamas roaming the streets…This sight just melted my heart.








Cusco, you truly are such a beauty. Your culture is so unique and special, and I’m so thankful we were able to immerse ourselves in it, even if it was just for a few days. We will forever cherish your charm, and hope we can see you again someday.

Click on the mini films page. to watch the video Derek created of our entire trip!

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