Baking Cakes with Momofuku Milkbar

You know an epic day is ahead when you start your morning off baking a three-tiered, triple-frosted, six-inch, funfetti cake. I mean, come on. Don’t tell me your mouth isn’t already watering. Anyone who knows me well, knows I have a massive sweet-tooth, so when I heard about cake classes at Milkbar, my mind instantly started plotting when I could sign up. The lightbulb went off when Laurel told me she’d love to take some sort of baking class when visiting me next in the city. So, several weekends ago, when she was in New York, we certainly got our baking on.

The two-hour class was just so much fun. From learning the process of making Milkbar’s infamous birthday cake, to eating all the leftover cake scraps –we were encouraged to do so, ok?! — I wish we could rewind time and do it all over again. Talk about a memorable sugar high!




If you’re ever in New York and have two hours to spare, I’d highly recommend one of these classes. Check out the entire class schedule here.


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