‘Tis the Season in Brooklyn


It’s officially starting to look a lot like Christmas here in Brooklyn, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. I know I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, but I love Christmas, especially here in New York. The lights. The decor. The smell of Christmas trees lining the sidewalks. Oh, and of course the holiday cheer. Everyone [well, almost everyone] is so much happier this time of year. And living in a city like New York where most people tend to keep to themselves, that extra pep in their step truly makes a world of difference in terms of attitude.

Just as we had hoped for, as soon as we returned from Peru last weekend, we came back home to a transformed Brooklyn. Pumpkins had been switched out for pinecones. Trees were standing tall in windows. And Christmas trees were stacked side by side along the streets. Looking back, Derek and I were radiating with ear-to-ear grins. My favorite time of the year has once again graced us with its presence.

Of course the first thing we did Saturday morning [after brunch] was stop and pick out a tree. Derek has had his mind set on getting a 6-footer for months now, so that’s exactly what we brought home. To our 500-square-foot apartment, I should add. It definitely was a major upgrade from our tiny little tree last year!


Decorating is always the best part!


It’s become a mini tradition to collect an ornament from each new place we travel and explore together. So while we might not have a tree weighed down with ornaments just yet, our collection is slowly starting to grow.



6 (1)

3 (1)

5 (1)

Oh, how I love the coziness Christmas brings! Here’s to savoring every moment of holiday cheer.

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