Laurel in The City: Part III

This past month sure was a busy one. For starters, we had the pleasure of hosting two sets of guests. It wasn’t too many weeks ago that my parents flew up to the city to visit with us, and then just last weekend, one of my best friends, Laurel, was in town!

Oh, Laurel. This girl has one of the most beautiful souls you’ll ever meet. While it’s super strange to think we’ve only known each other for a few years, I can’t help but feel as if we’ve been best friends for a lifetime. Whenever we’re together, it’s as if my worries just melt right away because she constantly has me laughing about something. While this wasn’t the first time she had flown up to see me in the city — it was actually her third! — I think we’d both agree this past visit was the icing on the cake.


Never have I ever seen a burlesque show, but that’s exactly what we did the Friday night she arrived. We didn’t really know what to even expect, but I have to admit, the show was so much fun!

The next morning we started the day off with a delicious brunch at the little owl. This was my first time eating at this hidden gem in the West Village, and I am already starting to plot when I can go back. Did I mention this place had raspberry, nutella beignets? Yeah, my mouth is watering, too.


After brunch, we headed uptown to the new Whitney Museum. Ah, what a beauty. Neither one of us had ever been to this museum, and we quickly saw what we were missing out on. My favorite part of the entire place was the multi-floored terrace facing the city. It provided for the perfect backdrop, not to mention you could see the beautiful Highline from up above. We pretty much spent more time on the terrace taking in the breathtaking skyline than we did inside the actual museum…whoops!






All the walking really worked up an appetite. To satisfy our hunger, we stopped by Tea & Sympathy for uh-huh, you guessed it, afternoon tea & scones. This place was just darling. It truly felt as if we had transported ourselves across the pond to Great Britain. Tea pots, floral china, and a big slab of sticky-coffee cake. The good times kept on rolling.


Oh, and then there was this bowl of hot chocolate & pretzel croissant, because as I told Laurel, it wouldn’t be a visit to New York without stopping by City Bakery. Am I right!?


Sunday morning was spent at the infamous Milkbar kitchen baking up a three-tiered, triple-frosted cake. Any New Yorker knows this place has the absolute BEST cakes, cookies, pies, you name it, so taking a baking class here was such a treat! Don’t worry, more photos to come of this morning.


Since the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory was right around the corner from Milkbar, we stopped in for one of their hourly tours. It was so interesting listening to the entire process on how they make their chocolate, not to mention how much fun the actual tasting was.


This chocolate is just the best there is! So, so good, and I love the fact that it’s locally made. It was only inevitable we bought quite a few bars to go.


Yes, more bakeries.


The last day of Laurel’s visit, we wandered around Ditmas Park. Derek and I first discovered this area back in the summer, but I knew I’d want to come back to experience it when the leaves changed in the fall. I’m so happy we made the trip to this neighborhood, because just as expected, it was absolutely stunning. I still find it strange that there are massive mansions — detached and with yards! — in Brooklyn. I mean, who would have thought? I must say, when you’re walking down these sidewalks, gazing at every single house you pass by, you certainly don’t feel as if you’re in New York City. The streets are so quiet and peaceful, perfect for an afternoon stroll.



Ditmas Park certainly has its own enchantments. Take for instance, Sycamore Bar & Flower Shop. Yep, you read that correctly. You can drink a pint and take home a freshly-picked bouquet of flowers. Talk about the best idea, ever!



Ah, we already miss you, Laurel. Thank you for another memorable weekend!

Come back, come back!!


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