Upstate Apple Picking

I know I already mentioned about Derek and I went apple picking while upstate exploring the Catskills, but since we had so many photos from this little detour, I couldn’t help but dedicate an entire post to it. What an afternoon to remember! For starters, the weather was just gorgeous. Clear blue skies. The warmth of the sun’s rays shining down. And that hint of chill just cool enough to remind us fall was officially in the air.

Oh, and then there was the beautiful mountain range as far as the eye could see. Talk about a picturesque backdrop. Well done, Mother Nature, well done!


Funny story: Derek chose Stone Ridge Orchard because this farm had honey-crisp apples. Aka our most favorite apples, ever! The ironic part is we found out this is the same farm that makes Derek’s all-time favorite cookies he always buys when we visit the Green Market in Union Square. So, of course we had to get a couple of those, along with several other apple treats. From apple donuts and turnovers, to apple salsa and cider, this place had whatever you could imagine! I’m proud to say we took full advantage!



Picking the apples were fun so much fun. By the end, we quickly realized we had picked quite a few more than what could fit in our bag. Of course, the only solution was to eat the ones that couldn’t fit! Ah, the taste of fresh-picked apples. I cannot even describe the level of freshness. All I know is how much I would give to have an apple tree right outside our apartment in the city. A girl can dream, right?




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