Bronx Zoo

Exciting news update: we were able to check #96 off our bucket list! After living in New York for about two years now, we finally found time to head up north and visit the Bronx Zoo. Who would have ever thought there were four zoos in New York City. Not one. Or Two. Or even three. But four!

While we visited the Central Park Zoo back in April when Laurel was in town, I must say, the Bronx Zoo takes the cake. Lions, tigers, bears, you name it, we saw it! When you think about it, it’s kind of crazy as it is to think this kind of wildlife lives only about 100 feet from people’s apartments. However, despite any hebejebes with that thought, this sure was a fun afternoon. Not to mention we practically had the entire zoo to ourselves. I guess not too many people explore the zoo in the off-season, which as you can imagine, certainly worked in our favor.


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I might have a little zoo bias since I have so much love and adoration for the North Carolina Asheboro Zoo, but given the Bronx Zoo is smack in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world, I was highly impressed.

Thank you, New York City, for another wonderful adventure!

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  • I definitely want to visit!

    • You totally should! Very cool place. I’d recommend the Central Park Zoo, too!