A Weekend in The Catskills

Not too many weekends ago, Derek and I made the two-hour drive up north to explore the beautiful Catskills region. We had been wanting to visit this area for quite some time, but knew it was only fitting to save this mini getaway for the fall when the leaves were beginning to change. Somehow, we managed to choose the perfect weekend for this upstate excursion, as the mountains were lit up with golden hues, and the weather was just absolutely gorgeous the entire 48 hours we spent roaming around. While this trip was short, it definitely was a sweet one, and I’m excited to share a chunk of photos with you!




For the two nights we were away, we stayed in the most charming boutique-hotel located in the heart of downtown Catskill, called The Harvey House. Our room was a small split-level suite, and was just as quaint as it could be. Being as cute and cozy as it was, I don’t think we could have asked for more.


One of the best things about this weekend escape was our agenda. Or lack there of, really. We had a few places we wanted to cross off our list and visit, but for the most part, we simply let the roads lead the way. It didn’t take long before we stumbled upon one of the most darling [and delicious] general stores I’ve ever been to. This place instantly stole my heart.



Not to mention how tasty the food was. I’m talking out-of-this-world scrumptious. So good in fact, we came here for brunch both days we were in town, and ordered the exact same thing. Oatmeal, an egg sandwich, and a homemade dessert to go. I wish we had this place back in the city!


I mean, what would a mountain trip be without a little hiking in the mix?! My mind did enter a bit of a panic mode halfway through the hike since I remembered our trip to Machu Picchu is now less than two months away!



Any where we ended up driving to, the route was beyond breathtaking. So scenic and captivating.

And the air. Ah, the air tasted so clean and fresh…if that makes sense!


We saw this place off the road and had to veer off and turn around in order to get a photo of it. I’m not really sure what this was, but something about the building reminded me of the movie Dirty Dancing. Right?!


Then, there was this chair lift. Unless it’s winter and I’m skiing down slopes, I never really think about chair lifts. But, I guess when you think about it, they are pretty useful year round.

Case in point with the photos below. This lift provided such a unique way to take in the beautiful mountain range. Ascending and descending at a rather slow speed, the ride was very much enjoyable and peaceful, allowing us to just stop for a moment and stare out at our surroundings.


2 (1)


Everyone I spoke with about exploring the Catskills all seemed to have one recommendation in common: “Eat at Phoenicia Diner!” I’m so happy we listened. Old-school vibes and a twist to the classic diner food, this place was such a fun experience.


We thrifted. A lot.

Antique shops. Flea markets. Street vendors. We somehow managed to find them all. There were so many trinkets I wanted to pack up and take home with us, but unfortunately, when you live in a 500 square-foot apartment, it’s a constant reminder that space is limited!

1 (1)




Hands down, my favorite part of the weekend was by far when we stopped to go apple-picking. This was something I’ve been wanting to do ever since moving to New York. I don’t really know why because it’s not like we don’t have orchards in North Carolina, but for some reason, apple picking in upstate New York just seemed so enchanting, well okay, in my mind. I know, I know, it sounds pretty weird.

Nonetheless, this afternoon turned out to be such a fun one. It was definitely a nice start to the fall season. Since I have tons and tons of pictures from apple picking, I figured I should share them all on a separate post!



3 (1)

Oh, Catskills — thank you for providing us with such incredible weather, mesmerizing views, and so much delicious food. You rock, and believe me, this won’t be the last time we visit you!

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