So Long, Summer

Dear Summer,

Thank you for all the wonderful goodness you provided this year. Ah, where do I even begin? Cool morning breezes, perfect for early strolls through the local farmers markets. Warm rays of sunshine shining down on the tips of my shoulders. The sweet smells of fresh cut flowers. The hot-weather excuses for lots and lots of ice-cream intake (I’m talking about you, Ample Hills!) Rooftop happy-hours. Backyard brunches. Mini getaways from the city grind. The bold hues of golden color firing over the skyline as the sun sets for the day. I’m telling you, I could keep this listing going on and on. But to avoid my rambles, let me just declare, you truly were three treasurable months. And I want you to know we cherished every second.

As bittersweet as it is to let you go and let your sister season swoop on in, I couldn’t help but share some of my absolute favorite summer moments.


Concerts in the park.


Friendly visits in the city: Part I.


Central Park so luscious and green.


Saturday morning brunches.

2 (2)

Playing tourist in our own city.


Celebrating our first anniversary in Chicago.


Nights spent under the twinkling of Edison lights.

1 (1)

Magical mini getaways.


Friendly visits in the city: Part II.

2 (1)

Picnics in the park.



15 (1)


Outdoor movie screenings in the park.



Well, the time has come. So long, summer in the city. You’ll be missed. No doubt about it.

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