Summer in Montauk

We were extremely early risers last Saturday. But for good reason. Derek and I decided to escape the city grind for the day and head to Montauk. And that meant waking up at 4:45am in order to catch the first train eastern bound. Although we were super stoked to explore this part of Long Island, waking up that early is never easy. It practically took guzzling down my body weight in iced coffee before my brain entered functioning mode. Luckily, it didn’t take too long before the caffeine kicked in, and my mind was cranking out excitement for the day ahead.




Neither one of us had been to Montauk before, so we didn’t quite know what all to expect. My first mission of the day was sniffing out the best place for brunch. Hello, Ruschmeyer’s! This place was so eclectic – not to mention the scrumptious brunch. The cool thing about this fun spot is the culinary team consists of the same guys behind The Smile in Manhattan (remember here!?)


After devouring our breakfast at record timing, we hopped on our bikes and headed for the lighthouse. This picture of me smiling below is before we found out this was a 7-mile bike ride.



Seven miles and numerous [steep] hills later, we finally made it. Talk about a workout. Fortunately, you can’t tell how profusely sweaty we were through our photos.


The view from atop the lighthouse was just stunning.



I was about ready to pack up and move into any one of the neighborhood houses. SO much charm. That cedar shake siding – gets me every time. I couldn’t get enough when we visited Southampton last summer, and I instantly fell in love all over again seeing these type homes here.



And then there was THE BEACH!!!!

Pardon the capital letters and excessive exclamation points but this was the first beach I’d been to all summer so my excitement was on a whole other level!

Too bad we forgot our bathing suits.




While Derek barely got his feet wet, I kind of went just a wee bit overboard. But the water felt so good, I couldn’t help but to test my limits and see how far I could make my way in before getting absolutely soaked. It just so happened I underestimated the power of one wave and before I knew it, the front part of my shorts had been splashed, making it appear as if I wet my pants, but I didn’t care because the sun was shining, the air was warm, and I was in the ocean for the first time all year!!



Nothing screams a good time like a hotdog and iced lemonade from a food truck on the beach!




Ah, acai bowls. I know we’re probably way behind on this bandwagon, but I can’t get enough of these things. They’re just so tasty and delicious, and the fact that they’re full of antioxidants makes them one of my new favorite foods.


I don’t know how we became so lucky with the beautiful weather, but the entire day was absolutely gorgeous.


The sea looked so calm and peaceful. It was so mesmerizing to just sit and watch all the sailboats pass by.





Thank you, Montauk. It was a great day, indeed!

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