Painting in Central Park


For the longest time, Derek and I had been on the hunt for a Central Park painting class. Heck, we even made it an item on our NYC Bucket List. You’d think a painting class in the park – especially the park being the infamous Central Park – wouldn’t be at all hard to find. Yet, the few we came across were basically asking an arm and a leg for the entry fee. That just wasn’t about to happen. So, we decided to compromise. Why not skip the actual class, and paint in the park, just the two of us!? The best part about this genius idea: it was free!!

After finding itty-bitty blank canvases at a craft store in Midtown and borrowing some paint from our good ole friends, we were all set. Sunny skies. A warm summer breeze. And us goofing off. The afternoon was definitely one for the books.


As you can see below, I went for the abstract look. Hey, I never said we were artists. I’m no where close. But the idea of painting, well I just love.


The twenty or thirty minutes spent painting certainly did work up an appetite! I mean come on, how long did we really expect it’d take to paint a baby canvas!? After Central Park, we made our way downtown to Soho to have brunch at one of our local favorites, Navy. Ah, I can’t really think of anything that could top that egg dish below. Perfection.


Summer days, please stay awhile longer. We’re not quite ready to see you go just yet.

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