Sipping on Whiskey, Bourbon & Moonshine

Whiskey, bourbon and moonshine. Ah, quite the tasty trio. Who knew there was a local distillery located practically in our backyard?! I sure didn’t, well, until about two weeks ago. As soon as I stumbled upon this finding online, and read the place even offers tours AND TASTINGS, it was a no-brainer this would be on our agenda for the upcoming weekend.

Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, we found out Kings County Distillery is actually the first distillery to operate within the New York City borders since the prohibition era. And it was only founded back in 2010, so still pretty new. I gotta say, I’m not really much of a tour person, but this particular one was awesome…and so intriguing. Not to mention the amazing setup. The Boozuem, as they called it. I pretty much loved everything about the hour or so we spent meandering around.

Below are a few of the many photos we managed to snap…











If you’re ever in the area, I’d highly recommend stopping by yourself!

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