Brunch at The Bonnie

Throughout these last two years living in NYC, I cannot even begin to count up how many brunch joints Derek and I have hit up. “Brunching” – as some call it – has become quite a hobby of mine, if you couldn’t tell already. Yet, no matter how many plates of french toast I’ve devoured, or dishes of eggs benedict I’m stuffed my face with, none could really compare with The Bonnie. A coworker of mine would constantly post the best looking food pictures from this place, and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t take it anymore! It was time we made the trek to Queens to try this place out.

Oh. em. gee.

If only you could taste food through photos. Everything was on point at this place. I fell in love as soon as I turned the corner and saw the charming blue storefront. And then there was the delicious food. Oh, the ingredients were so, so fresh. My taste buds basically had a raging party in my mouth. We couldn’t help but practically lick our plates clean.

2 (1)


After scarfing down what-seemed-like our bodyweight in food, we decided to walk it off by venturing through Long Island City, a neighborhood that was close by, and one we hadn’t yet explored. I’m sure glad we took the time because this area was radiating with charm.


I even found my dream car!


It didn’t take long before we came across a local farmers market filled with so many fresh goodies.


And then talk about this view of the skyline!


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