Claire & Jenna Take on The City

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Last weekend, my older sister, Claire and her best friend, Jenna, flew up to New York to spend a few days with us. Even though I cannot really comprehend how their visit has already come and gone (time, won’t you just slow down, even a little?) I’m so excited to share some of the photos from their time in the city. And since we practically walked them to death to see as many sights as we could squeeze in a day, there are BUNCH of pics to share.

What made the visit even more of a celebration was that Claire’s birthday took place while she was here. So basically the entire weekend was filled with booze and sweets. Not like I’m complaining or anything.


As soon as I clocked out of work on Friday afternoon, I hopped on the subway downtown to meet Claire and Jenna at the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar. Neither one of us had ever been to this hot spot, but were welcomed with plenty of sunshine, a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty, and a rather large glass of bubbles with a popsicle to cool things off. Kind of the perfect way to kick off a long weekend if you ask me!



Since this was Jenna’s first trip up to the Big Apple, it’d be a shame not to take her to Times Square. After taking all the craziness in, we made our way to the 8 p.m. show of Drunken Shakespeare. Have you ever heard of Drunk History on Youtube? If not, well you’ve got to look it up. This show was basically a live version of that.

So. Many. Laughs!


Of course brunch occurred several times during their visit – no surprise there I’m sure.




With so much walking and concrete pounding, there were also many breaks along the way.


Many of the breaks included sweets. Bakeries. Cafes. Ice cream Shops. You name – we went. And we ate.

Some of us fed birds…


Saturday night we meandered around the West Village and found ourselves at Fat Cat. Such a chill spot – one of my favs for sure. While this local hangout is technically a jazz club, what makes this venue so unique is how diverse it is.

From live music and dancing to shuffle board, scrabble, and pool, this place has it all.



Oh yeah, more sweets.

Why yes, that is a huge slab of carrot cake and an extra-large salted-caramel frozen-hot-chocolate. What you can’t see is the apple-pie mound we had brought out next. But hey, it’s Serendipity – you’ve got to go big or go home. And we went BIG.


Claire and her love for flea-markets.




Her one request: take her to Milon for her birthday dinner!

We’ve visited this place so many times, they practically know our names (like here, here and here!) Oh, but it’s the perfect place for a celebration. Just look at all the lights. It’s basically summer Christmas!


After dinner we went out for drinks to ring in her actual birthday. We started off by bar-hopping in the East Village, but then found ourselves at the absolute coolest speakeasy I could ever imagine finding.

Tucked away through an alley off the main street, this place was unlike any other bar we’ve ever been to. As soon as we walked through the doors, it was as if we time-traveled back to the 1920’s. There was swing dancing. Oldies were playing the background. Girls had pin-up curls and wore pleated skirts. The lights were dim. Beer was served in paper bags. Cocktails were handed out in teacups.


It was straight up prohibition styles, and we loved every. single. minute.


Three days filled with back-to-back plans called for total relaxation on Monday. So, we soaked up the summer sun at a technicolor pool on Roosevelt Island. Lounging by this candy-colored rainbow treat made this by far one of the best Mondays I’ve had in a while.



Talk about living colorfully.




And just like that, their visit came and went. Come back, Claire and Jenna, come back! It’s still hard to believe a year has passed since Claire’s first trip up to see us last September.

If only we could all figure out how to stop time for a bit.

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