Montana’s Trail House


Every so often, I stumble upon eclectic food joints scattered around the different boroughs of New York. Whether it be through Instagram, online articles, or my favorite blogs I check on the regular, I always get such a victorious rush when I find a new spot to try. And let’s be honest – it happens A LOT since hello, it’s New York City, the one city that has some kind of food option on every. single. corner. But hey, not like I’m complaining!

A few weeks back, I read about Montana’s Trail House in Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. A rustic dig with southern-style home-cooking was how everyone was describing this place. And since we both were raised on that good ole southern eats, I knew Derek and I just had to go. Just as I expected, we weren’t disappointed. The food. The vibes. The charming decor. We loved everything about this new hot spot. My favorite part: the banana-bread s’more, as pictured below. Warm banana bread smothered in rick, dark chocolate with a gigantic marshmallow fluff just sliding down the side. Oh, it was simply heavenly.

I’ve already hinted to Derek we need to go back.


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