Summer in The North Fork

Bright and early last Sunday morning, Derek and I set out to spend the day cruising around several little towns nestled in the north end of Long Island, NY. It didn’t take long before this area, called The North Fork, stole both our hearts. We instantly fell in love with so many things about this delightful place. The wide, open spaces. The acres upon acres of farmland. The slower, small-town pace in everyone’s steps. Oh, and the hospitality all the locals put forth. For a moment there, I thought we had somehow transported ourselves back to North Carolina!

This day was such an unforgettable one. Talk about summertime goodness. Clear skies with not a cloud in sight. The sun beaming brightly down. A cool, summer breeze to slice away any ounce of humidity in the air. I don’t really know how we got so lucky with the weather, but it sure did make us radiate with happiness.


As soon as we drove past a sign that read “U-Pick Blueberries,” we both looked at each other and nodded.

I mean, when you see any kind of “U-Pick” sign, you’ve just got to stop!

Hmmm, that sweet taste of freshness.


14 (1)

The majority of the day was spent trying to calm down my fruit-aholic taste buds.

So. Many. Fruit. Stands!


As you probably guessed, we made multiple pitstops. But you see, where there’s fruit, there’s pie.


In all honestly, how can you pass up sweet, juicy, LOCAL peaches!?


And watermelon?

And blueberries??


Another detour was this beautiful lavender field below. The pictures just don’t even do justice.

Such a mesmerizing sight.


I wish I could describe how intoxicating the lavender aroma was as soon as we stepped outside the car. But I can’t.

There are no words.



Lunch was eaten at this adorable food truck parked behind one of the local inns.

I can still taste the “adult” grilled cheese we scarfed down.

It basically was all types of cheese smothered and melted onto two homemade pieces of Focaccia bread.

Deliciousness at its finest.


This place even had its own local chips!

Several bags of the sweet potato ones left with us that day, but somehow not a single bag made it back to the city.



And then there were the charming houses scattered along the streets. How darling, right?


Eeek, and what about these precious cars!

I seriously contemplated how I could take this itty-bitty Mini Cooper home with me.

Too bad none of my ideas were realistic.



We had no idea this area had so many wineries. But basically, it’s the Napa Valley of the East.

Rows after rows of beautifully, manicured grape vines. All waiting to be smashed into tasty vino.

Yes, we did our share of tastings. Pinot and Rosé all the way!



Before making our way back to the city, we drove past a field full of bright yellow sunflowers, and couldn’t help but make a quick stop. So many sunflowers standing oh so tall and strong. All basically as tall as me. It simply magical. Almost like a dream. The best part: we were able to take some of these beauties home!



Ah, summertime.

Please try and slow down a bit. You’re going by way too fast, and I’d love to squeeze in a few more magical days as this one if I can.

I love fall and all, but I’m not ready to say goodbye to you just yet!!

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