A Morning in Ditmas Park

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There’s a pocket in Brooklyn called Ditmas Park. This area is considered the “suburb of Brooklyn,” as the quiet side-streets are lined with stunning free-standing houses – ones that are actually detached! Oh, and they have real front yards, which is kind of amazing. The landscaping is all perfectly manicured. The air has a unique, sweet smell to it. And the small-town vibe this area gives off is one unlike any neighborhood in this big ole city.

The funny thing is, we used to ride past this area on our daily commute when we lived in our old apartment. Shame on us, because we never took the time to hop off the subway and discover this wonderful unknown. Thankfully, we both had an epiphany, and decided to spend our Sunday morning getting to know this neighborhood a little bit better. Of course, for us that meant checking out all the popular eateries.

First stop: Qathra Cafe. Amazing cold brew, and plus, just check out this backyard garden.


After quenching our thirst, we roamed down several streets, our eyes mesmerized with every step.


See, nothing you would expect when thinking “New York City!”

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You know we had to stop for brunch.

I had read about how delicious the Farm on Adderley was on multiple blogs, so this was an obvious choice.


As always, the blogs didn’t disappoint. Such a cool, casual vibe this place had going on.



More mansions lining each and every corner.


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And our hearts stopped when we saw this area had a weekend farmers market. At that moment, we fell in love.


So much charm, I almost couldn’t take it!

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And so many coffee shops, which meant we were extra caffeinated. Always a good thing.


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Ditmas Park, we really, really like you!

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