Mouth-Watering Blueberry Pie

Wow. You guys. Just the other weekend, I did what I thought couldn’t be done, since the kitchen and me usually don’t mix. Anyway, you know those mouth-watering pies you see in the window seals of bakeries? Those kinds that make your taste buds scream of excitement? Well, I made one – Yep, made everything from scratch, too! Not trying to toot my own horn but if you knew my kitchen skills you’d understand why this is a BIG deal! Ok, ok, Derek helped…I figured I needed to state that since you’ll see a pair of man hands in the pictures below!


1 (1)

The best part: as crazy as it might sound, the pie recipe was pretty easy to make. And most importantly, it turned out to be mighty, mighty tasty!

For the entire recipe, click here!

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