Rachel in The City

I love living in New York, no doubt about it. This little life Derek and I have built here in Brooklyn, well, it definitely is something quite special. Yet, I’d be lying if I said I never got homesick. Some days it is hard knowing so much is going on back home, without us. All the family dinners. All the random hangouts. Even the littlest of celebrations. By living states away, we certainly miss a lot of sentimental moments. The hardest part – it never really gets easier. That is why my heart beats a little faster whenever we have friends/family come visit. It’s not only such an amazing taste of home, but I just love showing our loved ones just why we adore this place we call “home” so much. Not to mention it’s kind of the perfect excuse to hit up our favorite spots around our favorite neighborhoods!

The other weekend, Rachel flew up to see us. She and I had been planning her trip up ever since a couple months ago, and just like with anything else, time passed with its usual lighting speed, and within a blink of an eye, she had landed in the city! The 48 hours she was here of course flew by, but man did we have a fun time. We walked. We ate. We walked some more. Of course ate some more. I couldn’t have asked for a better visit. I just wish it hadn’t of passed by so quickly!


We started the weekend off on such a high note with a free concert in the park.

That, combined with our pizza picnic and a warm summer breeze, such a perfect night!




What kind of hostess would I have been without introducing her to the BEST donuts around!?


Summer days call for rooftop hopping. And we did just that!




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Ah, come back Rachel, come back!!

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