48 Hours in Chicago

The end of June was a monumental weekend for Derek and me, considering it was our first anniversary since we said our “I do’s.” Yeah, I can’t believe it either! Those 365 days sure did fly, but man what a magical 52 weeks! This past year of marriage wasn’t all glamorous, but oh what an incredible adventure it was. And to celebrate, we couldn’t think of a better way than to take a trip! Since neither one of us had every explored Chicago, but always wanted to, it seemed like the perfect choice.

So off we went…


I’d be lying if I told you devouring donuts wasn’t the first thing we did after landing in the city. We certainly weren’t planning this sugar excursion right away, but Stan’s Donuts was on our to-go list, and since we saw the neon sign as soon as we stepped out of the subway, we thought it’d be wrong to not make the pitstop.

Totally. Worth. It.


While Chicago first greeted us with gray skies and a few raindrops, the rest of the weekend was absolutely beautiful. The sun shined its heart out and we were both so appreciative! Well, maybe not our feet. See, Derek and I have this thing where if it’s good weather, and we’re in a new place, we just have to see everything.

All. At. Once.

So we end up walking. And walking. And walking…


And we [try to] run…


Chicago sure does have a stunning skyline. Plus, the fact that the city is right on the water, well that’s a mighty pretty bonus!


You already know we love to brunch. So, that’s of course what we did!

I mean, just look at this [organic] egg on top of this ooey-gooey grilled cheese. I never would have thought of this genius sandwich combo, but ugh, my mouth is watering again just looking at this photo.


Somehow, Derek found what-seemed-like a hidden garden right behind the skyline.


It was so enchanting and tranquil. All the city noise was magically blocked off form this serene corner.

Not to mention the sweet smells from all the radiating blooms – just heavenly.


Oh, and we found ben-yays.

I just love these tasty puff-pastries pounded with powdered sugar. They always remind me of the good times in NOLA!


We waited in line for the Shedd Aquarium for about an hour. Was it worth it? Well, ehh…

But the start fish and octopus were pretty cool!



Well, here’s Derek and his goofiness behind the lens…


It was so nice to explore all the many farmers markets that were scattered throughout the city!


And that gorgeous riverwalk…Talk about a beauty.




The picture below, well it was our attempt to take a snapshot of us standing out on the glass ledge of the 103rd floor in the Sears Tower.

Total fail on our part, but I still kind of love the picture!



Ah, and that cute, charming face. How I adore it so. We found the most darling rooftop restaurant on the outskirts of the city, called the Homestead. Everything was farm-to-table, so our entire dinner tasted so incredibly fresh. With the chef’s garden to our left, and bountiful rows of all the herbs you can possibly think of to our right, this sure was a unique and memorable meal.


Sunday morning, I woke up to the most beautiful words written on two pieces of paper. I don’t know how he always does it, but Derek sure knows how to make me feel like the luckiest lady alive, each and every day. I don’t mean to get all mushy but I can’t help but thank God daily for choosing him to be my soulmate. While we’ve officially been married for one entire year, I can’t help but smile when thinking about all the years to come.


We took off back to NYC Sunday evening, just around sunset in Chicago. I’ll never forget how the clouds looked that night.

Such a perfect ending to an extraordinary weekend.


See you soon, Chicago. We’ll definitely be back one day.

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