New York Lately

Well, it’s already almost the end of June, which means spring has faded away and kept the door open for summer to make its way in. Pretty soon, we’ll all be stocking up on fireworks for the fourth of July. How is that even possible!? I cannot really complain though because for the most part, the weather has been pretty perfect here in the city. We did have about five days of dreadful heat and humidity, but thankfully a cold front swarmed in, bringing some much welcomed relief. Derek and I have been trying to take advantage of this nice weather by basically living outside. While my converses have pretty much lost their soles with all the walking, we’ve loved exploring so many new pockets of the city. Below are just a few photos from my iphone I’ve snapped along the way…

Of course there has been lots of brunching.

The Standard Grill served up a mighty hearty serving of almond-crusted french toast that my taste buds about died over.



And I absolutely LOVE it!

1 (1)



I’m probably one of the few people in this big ole city that notices the water towers on top of buildings.

But I do.

And I don’t think I’ll ever get over how cute these little towers look. They make me so happy!


After months of practicing, Derek has pretty much become a master at eggs benedict.


A few friends from work and I went to see the Iris Apfel documentary recently. Absolutely loved the movie (here’s the trailer!)

A visit to Popbar afterwards was a must.

4 (1)

It has been a dream of ours to see Mumford and Sons in concert for as long as I can remember.

And finally, after years of wishing and waiting, we saw them!! Definitely worth the wait.


I somehow was able to drag Derek out of bed to come with me to see Florence and The Machine on Good Morning America.

It was way too early, but also very worth it.

Mumford & Florence in the same week, I was in serenade heaven.


We found the best wine bar with the best outdoor garden and the best happy hour.

And the best part: this place is literally right across the street from our apartment!



Out of all the apartments, brownstones, and townhouses I’ve seen in New York, nothing can come close to this beauty below.

And yes, I’m talking about that one tucked in the middle with bold blue shutters.

What a beauty.


Lots of evening walks throughout our favorite neighborhoods. Ah, I love you summer!


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