Please Touch the Art

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise when I say that Dumbo is one of our favorite areas in all of NYC. You’re probably thinking I’m beginning to sound like a broken record since I’ve expressed my adoration for this area here, here and here! Dumbo overload I know, but the skyline visible from this part of Brooklyn is pretty mesmerizing, not to mention addictive. Whether at sunrise or sunset, it is kind of impossible not to fall in love with this concrete jungle from this viewpoint.

Our obsession for this area has spiked to another level recently due to the new art exhibition scattered throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park called Please Touch The ArtThis exhibit, created by artist Jeppe Hein, is all about social interaction. He explained he created the installations to encourage strangers to interact with one another, even if it were just a smile or polite gesture. Since the art is so playful & fun, he wanted people to connect by loosening up, which I find to be such a cool & admirable concept, especially in a city where so many people keep to themselves.



My favorite part of the exhibit was definitely all the bright red Modified Social Benches. You’ll find sixteen of these witty sculptures peppered throughout the park. Talk about reinventing the park bench. If only more outdoor seating could be this fun!

I also loved the Mirror Labyrinth NY, which were vertical planks of mirror-polished stainless steel. Walking through the maze of these planks reflecting the Manhattan skyline just as the sun was setting was truly beautiful, as well as breathtaking.




If you’re in the area, be sure to check this exhibit out! It’s on display now through April 2016. For more details, click here.

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