Hiking the Hudson Valley

Since last weekend was a long one, Derek and I thought it would be fun to use Saturday as a chance to get out of the city for a bit. We had been chatting about wanting to hike somewhere upstate, so when we found the Breakneck Ridge Trail, and read it was accessible by train, we knew it’d be the perfect mini getaway.

We must have had the same idea as hundreds of other city-dwellers that wanted a quick escape, because when we boarded the Metro-North it was rather obvious we were all going to the same destination. A short hour-and-a-half train ride passed and we had arrived. No lie, the train literally dropped us off right at the trail. And just like that, the hike began.




Within minutes of walking through the woods, I knew this was going to be my kind of trail. We weren’t but maybe five minutes in and some serious rock-climbing began. Finally, that rock-climbing class I took in college was about to pay off.


I love the picture below because if you look closely, you can see what looks like ant-sized people scattered about on the top of the mountain. Each outlook we’d climb to, thinking it was the top, we’d look around and then look up, suddenly realizing we weren’t anywhere close to the top…We would look at each other thinking, “we’ve got to make it up to there?!”




After a few short hours, we finally made it to the top. And of course, the climb was worth the view. With the Hudson River right in front of you, and nothing but luscious green mountains in sight, we took a short break at the top just to soak all the beauty in.

Just as we had hoped, this was the such a serene, peaceful getaway. No honking. No yelling. Absolutely no white noise. All we heard was the trees whispering in the breeze, and the birds chirping in response. It was clear that no just everyone, but everything was welcoming summer with open arms.


It was indeed the perfect day. Thank you, New York, for being so beautiful!

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