New York Lately

So much has been happening in New York lately. So much in fact, that I just now realized it is almost June. June! How is this real life? How has half of 2015 already come and gone? I mean, I’m thankful we’re done with the brutal winter temps, but geez, can we somehow slow down time so spring can last just a wee bit longer? I’ve been digging these not-too-hot-not-too-cold-but-just-right days. Pretty soon it will be Memorial Day. Oh, wait that is next weekend!!

Well, enough of my where-has-time-gone rant. Below is a quick snippet of what has been going on lately in our corner of the world…

For starters, Derek and I conquered the Brooklyn Half Marathon!


I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone that we celebrated crossing the finish line with a BIG brunch.

Oh, and lots of mimosas!


The weather has been so beautiful lately. As soon as we returned from our Cape Cod trip, it was as if everything blossomed. The trees lining the sidewalks now look so full and lush, as well as all the flowers blooming in the park. So, so pretty!


After being cooped up so long inside during the cold winter months, it has been such a thrill to basically live outside lately. As a result, we’ve managed to explore lots of new areas, as well as find a whole lot of new bakeries & coffee shops.


Oh, and lots & lots of new creameries.

Hello, salted caramel!


A few weeks ago, Derek and I took an intro pottery-wheel class. Fun would be an understatement to describe the class, but I quickly learned the wheel is definitely harder than it looks. While so many people were creating bowls left and right (like Derek!), I could hardly lift my mound of clay off the wheel!



And what would life be without several new brunch adventures?!

You know, as much french toast & eggs benedict we’ve scarfed down, it just never gets old!

7 (1)

And then there’s this skyline & that pretty fiery ball setting behind it.

With evenings like this one, I just can’t help but smile with thoughts of all the summer nights ahead!


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