Three Years Already!?

Whoa, it’s hard to believe, but today officially marks three years since Derek and I left on our drive across the United States. All the way from North Carolina to California, and back. When we realized the date last night, we couldn’t help but watch the video he created of our trip. Which, if you have 11 minutes to spare, I definitely recommend watching. He did such an amazing job!

Ah, so many emotions flooded through my mind as soon as we pressed play. Even though it has been several years, I can still vividly remember so much about this trip. And believe me when I say it definitely wasn’t all glamourous. The 10-hour driving days the first week were brutal, to say the least! But of course, everything we saw along the way made all the time stuck in the car worth it. Yep, all 8631 miles, 19 states, and 31 days were so, so worth it. Here’s to many more memorable trips as this one!

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