Exploring Cape Cod

I know I shared a few photos from our recent road-trip up to Martha’s Vineyard, but I just couldn’t resist posting some of the others captured throughout our trip to Cape Cod. As I mentioned earlier, neither one of us had been to the Cape before, so we didn’t even know what to expect. I had images in my mind of cute little beach towns, fresh seafood platters, and windy walks on the beach. Turns out, it was pretty much just like that. Except better! Although we were only in the area for about 2.5 days, man was the drive worth every second.


We stayed in the charming area of Hyannis Port. [Also known as the home of the Kennedy Compound.] Great idea on Derek’s part because this was such a central location for other areas we wanted to explore. The first thing we did as we arrived was race to the beach. With such a brutal NYC winter behind us, I couldn’t wait for my toes to curl up in the warm sand. Ah, love that feeling.


2 (1)


After getting our doses of Vitamin D, we hopped in our rented mini Prius and drove around the neighborhood. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of cuteness that came with some of these “cottages.” So many white picket fences!! Yet, what I loved most about this area was how unique each of the houses were decorated and landscaped. It reminded me so much of the time we explored Southampton.


Hello Kennedy Compound! And yes I admit, I got out of our car to get this shot!

No shame here.

4 (1)

As soon as we finished stalking the compound, and other mansions in the area for that matter, we then managed to navigate our way to check in at the Airbnb we would be calling home for the next couple of days. Talk about hospitality. This cozy little backyard cottage was just so darling!

1 (1)

On our last day, we made our way up towards the very tip of the Cod to an area referred to as P-town (the actual name is Provincetown.) As expected when driving along a beach coast, there were tons of stops along the way.

First up: lots of dreamy light houses.

1 (2)

Which had breathtaking views of the ocean…

(And yes, that’s our mini rental car. But how precious does it look alongside the dunes!?)

2 (2)

1 (3)

And then the water. We just couldn’t get over how clear it was. That green tint – just gorgeous.


Before turning the car around and making our way back, we came across this adorable general-store-turned-sandwich-shop. We found out the owners who run it actually packed their bags and moved to this sweet town from Brooklyn! Such a small world. But oh, such scrumptious food.


2 (3)

My mouth is still watering.

3 (1)

4 (2)

I miss this town already. Isn’t it crazy how you countdown to a trip for so long, and then poof! It has come and gone, and now back to reality. However, I’m always thankful for these mini road-trips, despite how short they might seem. They always provide the perfect opportunity for rejuvenation. Not to mention all the inspiration that you can capture as soon as you step outside your redundant daily routines. I guess the only thing I can do is start plotting our next adventure.

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