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Oh, New York’s charming Central Park. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this 843-acre area is more than just the average park. It is by far one of the city’s most prized possessions. And one that took more than 15 years and 20,000 workers to complete. [Yeah, I was shocked by that fun fact as well.] Yet, when you live in a true concrete jungle with hardly any nature in sight, it is easy to understand why Central Park is such a cherished gemstone, even if you do have to share it with millions of other people. I cannot even begin to mention ALL the activities there is to take part in throughout the park, as well as so many sights to see. [There is even a zoo. A zoo!] Let’s not forget about the abundant food choices either!

The point is, when visiting NYC, Central Park should be a must on anyone’s list. No question! Click below for some of our favorite spots to explore.

Eats – Sitdowns:

40 Central Park South (212) 826-5959

Loeb Boathouse
(Hands down, the best place for a romantic brunch!)
East 72nd Street and 5th Avenue (212) 517-2233


I mean, just look at that view! (Read more here!)

Eats – Quickbites:

Pack a picnic and eat on the Sheep Meadow Lawn.

1 (1)

There is always plenty of space to pop-a-squat and eat a quick bite. We do it all the time.

So relaxing!



When in New York, eat like a New Yorker.


So many hotdog stands along the outskirts of Central Park!

If you see the Wafles & Dinges truck, definitely stop! SO good.

Things to Do:

Visit the Central Park Zoo

1 (2)

Take a stroll through the infamous Mall.
(don’t miss out on all the little trails and passageways!)


Rent bikes and ride around the six-mile loop.
(Be warned: killer hills! Butttt worth it.)


Take in all the incredible artists amongst the park.

1 (4)

So many amazing musicians, too!


Rent row boats at the Loeb Boathouse.

6 (1)

7 (1)

Explore the Belvedere Castle.
(Really, really cool!)

6 (2)

Play with miniature sail boats on the conservatory water.
(Remember the movie, Stuart Little!?)


If you’re a true kid at heart like me, well, you’ll love this!


If you’re in the city between November and March, ice skate at the Wollman Rink.
(Beautiful views of the skyline.)


Take in the views from above at the MET Roof Garden.


Best part is: this museum is pay-what-you-wish!

Which means as little as $1 can get you up to the beautiful rooftop garden!
(Remember here?!) 


Don’t Miss Out On:

Strawberry Fields
On the west side of the park, between 71st and 74th streets


Alice in Wonderland Statue
Located at the east side of park near 75th street

The Reservoir
(Such a beautiful and calming spot)
85th to 96th street along both the east and west sides


Conservatory Garden
(Read more here!)
Entrance is on the east side between 104th-106th streets


The Guggenheim Museum
(On Saturdays starting at 5:45 pm, it’s pay what you wish!)


And of course, definitely don’t miss the iconic Plaza Hotel.

4 (1)

For more on our adventures in Central Park, click here and here!

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