A Weekend in Martha’s Vineyard

As exciting as it can be living in New York, to be honest, sometimes nothing beats escaping for a bit. And that is exactly what Derek and I did not too long ago. Our alarm woke us up bright and early Saturday morning, and we hit the road up north. Neither one of us had ever been to Cape Cod so we decided it was time to see what this little slice of heaven was all about. With not a single expectation in mind, we were blown away! So much beauty everywhere you looked. From the crystal clear water (which had a gorgeous seafoam tint to it) to all the darling cottages (well, most were mansions but you get the idea), we fell in love with this area as soon as we arrived.

On Sunday, we hoped on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Ah, this had to have been one of my favorite days of the entire trip. This area of the Cod was just so peaceful and charming. And the epitome of a New England beach town! Below are just a few (ok, well more like A LOT) of the photos we managed to capture.



No matter where we travel, one of my favorite things to do is rent bikes. And thankfully, Derek has the same mindset. But it really is the best way to see the area, especially when you’re limited with time.

3 (1)

As soon as we walked off the boat, we spotted this adorable general store. Talk about cuteness.



Everyone we spoke with told us we just had to check out the “gingerbread cottages.” We thought it was just a row of these houses, kind of like the San Francisco Painted Ladies. Man were we wrong. Turns out, there is basically an entire community full of these sweet cottages. You can even rent one!


We were in awe. So itty-bitty!


Even the precious porches were teeny-tiny!



You guessed it. What would a #mclambadventure be without a few bakery stops?! No lie, this apple fritter was literally the size of Derek’s head. It was HUGE.

And, oh so delicious.





The entire island had such a relaxing vibe to it. We definitely took full advantage of this beach ambiance as an opportunity to just take life at a slower pace. It was indeed a nice change from the hustle we’re used to in NYC.


I mean, let’s be real. Nothing can really top a few rounds of mimosas and this serene view.

5 (1)

We even stumbled upon the coolest book “den” I’ve ever been to. Basically, it was a two-story old barn that a man turned into his own personal book collection.


So many fascinating gems in this one space.

3 (2)


4 (1)

2 (1)


Ah, Martha’s.

Thank you so much for welcoming with open arms. Your air was sweet. Your food was mouthwatering. And your views were breathtaking.

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We miss you already.

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