Golfing at Chelsea Piers

Since temperatures crept into the high 50’s last weekend (yes that’s warm to us here in NYC!), Derek and I decided it would be fun to venture outside and test out our golf skills at the Chelsea Piers driving range. I’d be the first to admit, I’ve never been much into the golf scene, but this driving range was pretty cool. In fact, I’d never seen anything quite like it. Basically this place stood four floor high and faced right out onto the Hudson River. And get this, there were about 40 personal cubbies where golfers could take step up to the faux grass mound to take their best swings. Yep, I was definitely impressed.

Oh, and how about that yacht for your view!?


Derek was all about taking each swing seriously. Which is probably why he had some great shots.


Me, well not so much. What can I say — I’m more of a putt-putt kind of girl.


Yet, this experience was totally worth it. And with the spring-like temps, well I couldn’t really ask for a better day!


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