Yesterday’s News

I love antiquing. Which is kind of ironic because I used to hate it. Whenever my mom would drag me into antique stores growing up, I pretty much always ended up throwing a hissy fit. Which usually ended up with me getting grounded… Oh, how times have changed. I’m almost certain antiquing is in my blood, thanks to my beautiful, antique-loving grandmother. People who know her know exactly what I’m talking about. She literally has pack-barns full of all the treasures she’s found over the last few decades. And I’m not just talking about one. Oh no. I’m talking about multiple pack-barns. Completely full.

Yes, Grandma Anne is certainly the antique queen.

Luckily, for all of us grandchildren, she has taught us how to scope out all the good deals. From scanning corner antique shops, to rummaging around flea markets, we’ve learned how to keep an eye out for those one-of-a-kind rarities. And, most importantly, how to haggle bargain prices for them too! Which comes in handy up here in New York, since so many vendors inflate their prices significantly. It’s like, “you want how much for this rinky-dink little frame!?” Girl, bye.


Out of all the antiquing we’ve done here in the city, one of our favorite shops is one called, Yesterday’s News, located in Brooklyn. First off, how cute is that name!? This place has so many rare collectibles you won’t find anywhere else, and at reasonable prices too!


So many random trinkets.

Excitement rushes through my veins just rummaging through it all!


Sad thing is, Derek and I make sure to visit this shop together. Because, well, if we went alone, we’d probably have no control.


I mean, look at all that jewelry and tell me you’d be able to restrain!!

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