New York Lately

Lots has been going on in New York lately.

Not too long ago, I talked Derek into going with me to see the documentary, Ballet 422, at The Juilliard School. Oh. Em. Gee – such an inspiring film, to say the least! Basically, this documentary took you behind the curtain at New York City Ballet, and showcased everything that went into the creation of any given ballet. From first rehearsal to opening night, this film documented it all. While we’ve enjoyed right many ballets in NYC (like here & here), being able to see what all goes on backstage just gave me an entire new appreciation for each masterpiece.


Slowly, but surely, spring is on its way here in the city. Which means, lots of fresh flowers and farmers markets!


Well, when I said slowly, I meant it.

We did experience what we hope to be the last snow of the season. Which was pretty ironic, because the flurries fell on the first day of Spring.

Come on Mother Nature – give us a break, please!


Since our half-marathon is rapidly approaching, we’ve been spending A LOT of time running outside. In the cold.

But hey, when you’ve got views such as the Prospect Park Boathouse, the temps don’t seem as bad.


One thing I love about training for a race – you have the perfect excuse to eat pie!

And this wild-blueberry slice of Petee’s Pie Company was to die for. I mean it!


Like I said, we’re taking this training seriously. Well, trying to anyway. Even though that means a lot of early morning workouts.

And while you can’t tell by this picture, it was freezing that morning!!


I finally was able to take a couple calligraphy classes in the city. And I LOVE it!


I’ve been testing my baking skills, which has been working in Derek’s favor.


Of course, there has been lots of exploring going on.



Oh, and I found the cutest little coffee shop not too far from our apartment. It even has the coziness looking corner.


Lastly, talk about a stoop giveaway! Derek and I were running when we came across two boxes of free books outside a beautiful brownstone.

Needless to say, we stocked up! But hey, they were all free!


Temperatures are finally starting to get above the 40s, so I cannot wait for the warm weeks ahead.

Time for outdoor brunches, rooftop happy hours, and living outside. Bring it on!

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