New York Lately

Lately, New York has been quite cold…to say the least. Snow. More Snow. Then even more snow after that snow. For a while there, my morning commutes were brutal. I’d find myself counting down the days till spring in my head as I trekked through all the piles of built-up ice. And yes, there might have been a few fall here and there, but it’s all good!

With this being my second winter in New York, I’ve come to the realization that while this season here isn’t always the most fun, you’ve got to make the best out of it. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing…or trying to at least. I must say, when you allow yourself to concentrate on other things besides the frigid temperatures, exploring the city on even the coldest days can be rather enchanting. Not to mention you don’t feel as bad when filling your stomach up with lots of hot coffee and warm pastries!

Below are just a few photos I’ve snapped over the last couple of snowy weeks. We’ve been exploring a lot of new areas, which has made us discover so many new bookstores, brunch spots, and of course bakeries. Oh, and even a rather retro jazz club in the West Village, which made for such a fun night. We even managed to come across one of the coolest vintage store/garage we’ve found thus far, which I can’t wait to show Claire when she comes back up. But, enough of me chatting, scroll down for your own peek!











Talk about a sweet life. So many bakeries. So little time.

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