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Dumbo City Guide Title Page

In case you’re wondering, Dumbo is an acronym that stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This area is by far one of our favorites in all of New York City — Partly due to the incredible skyline action this neighborhood has got going on. Whether day or night, the view of the financial district across the river is absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention there is just so much to do in this area. And the best part of all, so much of it is free! All it requires is a little walking, which when you have a view like the NYC skyline in your peripheral vision, how can you complain?

Now, let’s get started with the guide!

Eats – Sitdowns:

71 Pineapple Street (347) 799-1701

Jack the Horse Tavern
(One of the best happy hours ever – be sure to get the mac-n-cheese!)
66 Hicks Street (718) 852-5084


Juliana’s Pizza
19 Old Fulton Street (718) 596-6700

The River Cafe
(Definitely on the pricey side, but the view from of the city is breathtaking)
1 Water Street (718) 522-5200

Eats – Quickbites:

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
(Don’t be frightened by the line – it moves very quickly and is so worth it!)
1 Water Street (718) 246-3963


Shake Shack
1 Old Fulton Street (347) 435-2676

One Girl Cookies
(The best teeny-tiny treats, and excellent coffee!)
33 Main Street (212) 675-4996


Things to Do:

Walk/ride bikes along the Brooklyn Bridge.

Take a spin on Jane’s Carousel.
(Remember here!)


Stuff your face at Smorgasburg.
(Any food you can imagine, this place has got it!)


Lounge on the lawn of Brooklyn Bridge Park.
(Amazing view of the city skyline)

Swing, Run & Play at Pier Two.


Travel back to the city on water by the East River Ferry.
(Great alternative than taking the subway)


Don’t Miss Out On:

The Park
(So much to do, right on the water!)

Powerhouse Arena
(Derek’s favorite bookstore; has so many cool events too!)

The colorful glass house on the lawn.


Or this view!


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