Oh, the Places You’ll Go

To those that know me like the back of their hand, it’s no surprise when I say I like to travel. Who am I kidding – I kind of have an obsession… to say the least. Ever since I was fortunate enough to embark on my first two international trips overseas in high school, I’ve had a severe case of the travel bug.

Whether it’s near or far, I’m always up for exploring somewhere new. I think that’s one reason why New York captured my heart so quickly, since there’s always new places popping up to venture here. What can I say…I am infatuated with embracing and immersing myself in new cultures. Nothing can compare, really.


Over the past fours years, Derek and I have been blessed with the many opportunities we’ve had to travel together. I still sometimes get taken aback when I remember our first date taking place in Beijing! Yet, no matter the number of places we visit, there are still so many new ones to explore. I guess you can call it our “life” bucket list.

Derek thought it’d be neat to pinpoint the places we’ve had the chance to explore (the ones in red), and then pin the locations we’re dying to go (in white.) That way, in the years to come, we can constantly reminisce about all of our travels.

*DIY Tip: If you like this map-bucket-list idea, create it yourself! This “map” is actually a piece of wrapping paper we found at Paper Source for just $4. If you want to frame it, as we did, IKEA sells great looking frames that fit perfectly for $16, making this about a $20 project!!

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