An Upper West Side Valentine’s Day

I hope you all had a nice, relaxing Valentine’s Day. Derek and I spent ours mostly in the Upper West Side. A few weeks ago, we found a really good deal on tickets for the Romeo & Juliet ballet, so we figured that’d be our Valentine’s Day gift to each other. Despite the frigid (and continuous dropping) temperatures, the day turned out to be such a good one.

Below are a few photos I managed to snap before my phone completely died.


We headed to the UWS a little early so we could venture around before the show. Of course that meant brunch. The Smith did not disappoint. The vanilla bean french toast (with caramelized bananas!!) Out of this world.

The hidden gem of a photo booth Derek scoped out downstairs was an added bonus.


Derek and his love for these Levain Bakery cookies (remember here.) I’m telling you, we weren’t even finished with brunch when he mentioned stopping by this place. I can’t blame him though, these aren’t just any ole cookies.


We then ventured to Riverside Park on the far west side. I don’t know why I was so shocked when I noticed the Hudson River freezing over. Mother Nature isn’t playing around these days.



Cool thing about the ballet being at Lincoln Center is that New York Fashion Week is currently taking place. I still remember the first time I traveled to New York for this week! Things must have changed though. I don’t remember people taking close-ups of dogs.

Work it little pup!


Oh, the beautiful Lincoln Center. This has to be one of my most favorite venues in the entire city.


To our surprise, it began snowing as soon as the show let out. It was pretty magical.



The night ended with sweet little desserts at the Treat House. This was the first time we’d been to this little shop, and how cute it was. Only in New York can you find a place dedicated to miniature rice-krispy treats!!


Lastly, we saw this on our way home. Pretty cool idea. Pictures lined the entire subway walls, all for this one day. #lovetunnelnyc was definitely a sweet ending to a very special day!


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