Brunch at White Oak Tavern

Brunch in New York is more than just another meal. To some, including myself I guess you could say, it’s almost like a hobby. Brunching as they call it! Since brunch is basically my absolute favorite meal ever, I was able to jump aboard this bandwagon. I mean come on, what’s better than waking up on a Saturday morning and making your way to the nearest pitcher of bottomless mimosas? Add some french toast and home-fries to that scenario, and viola, it just doesn’t get much better.

While Derek and I have found some pretty incredible and tasty brunch spots around the city in the past year, we decided to challenge ourselves to find the ultimate best brunch places in our new neighborhood. Neither of us had to second-guess this challenge, because well, who would pass up a chance to try pancakes and eggs florentine over and over again?! Plus, we both thought this would be the perfect excuse to explore every little street corner!

So, first up was brunch at White Oak in Carroll Gardens.


Hmmm, just looking at the picture of that warm, fluffy water makes my mouth water! And those hand-roasted potatoes you see across my plate…to die for!! Twas both a delightful and delicious experience! And the best part was that this place had an awesome patio garden in the back. While it was pouring down rain outside that day, our minds instantly fast-forward to summer. We’ll definitely be going back then!

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