A Brooklyn Snow Day

Since we don’t have cable in our apartment anymore, sometimes Derek and I are a little behind when it comes to finding out the latest news. Case in point with this so-called “blizzard” that was supposed to hit New York late Monday night. The meteorologists had predicted this snowstorm to bring in about two feet of snow! Pretty much the entire city shut down early Monday afternoon. Even the subways stopped service. And that NEVER happens! That said, we were kind of anxious going to bed last night, not knowing what we’d wake up to the next morning.

And while we didn’t get anywhere near two feet of snow, this snow-day turned out to be so much fun! We had plans to stay tucked away in our apartment for the day, but as soon as we saw the sun beam out from the clouds, we both knew we had to get outside and explore. I’m so happy we did. The streets seemed pretty deserted, which was so nice and a refreshing change. I couldn’t help but feel like a kid again, since well, it’s kind of rare to have a snow day in the “real world.”

Below are just a few pictures we captured from our afternoon out and about.


The beautiful flurries!








Snow angels all the way.



The sweetest, teeny, tiny glass house. Remember it here from the summer?




Such a relaxing and unexpected snow day. Now, back to work tomorrow.

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