The Best Remedy for the Winter Blues

Sometimes, when it’s really cold out, and you’re doing everything you can to snuggle deep down into your scarf as you fight the treacherous wind that smacks you in the face every time you turn the next corner, there’s just nothing better than a mug full of freshly brewed coffee and a homemade pastry to cure your winter blues. Well, that and the thought of traveling far, far away to the tropics, but since that’s not going to happen I will gladly settle for any kind of sweet treat!

Derek and I were exploring our new neighborhood the other day — in the frigid cold I might add — and came across the cutest place, Du Jour Bakery. There were no second thoughts as to if we should check this new spot out. Heck, every time I see the word “bakery,” I’m down to try!

But this was the most precious little bakery. Filled with smiling faces and an aroma so sweet, it’d convert anyone into a pastry lover. And as soon we tasted our homemade heart-shaped pop-tart, thoughts of the dropping temperatures instantly faded from our minds.


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