Exploring Lady Liberty


Climbing up to the Statue of Liberty’s crown has been an item on our bucket list we’ve wanted to check off for quite some time now. And this past weekend, we finally were able to cross it off! Reserving passes for the crown is a lot harder than one might think. For instance, I remember trying to buy tickets for last summer and they were already sold out back in February!! So this go-round, we decided to reserve them for the midst of winter. And even though we had a mini snow-storm the day before, we lucked out for clear, sunny skies on the day of our tour. You know, besides the fact that it was still only 20 degrees!

I didn’t really know what to expect before climbing up to the crown. I think what blew my mind the most were the steps. Talk about some small spaces. I’ve climbed my share of spiral staircases, but none quite like this one. I mean I was basically hugging the railing the entire way up. Small spaces with little-to-no light. Yeah, definitely didn’t expect anything like that, but man was the climb worth the view!






The moment we stepped outside onto the pedestal and I looked up, I was instantly taken aback. To see Lady Liberty standing so strong, right there in front of us was absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t help but just stand still for a couple of minutes taking it all in.






This was definitely one of my favorite winter adventures thus far. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than being a tourist in your own city!

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