2014: A Year for the Archives

With only a few more days left of 2014, I cannot help but reflect back upon this year, and all the changes that came with it. For starters, I became a true member of the “real world,” and quickly found out what is was like to move states away from home, trading in wide, open spaces for cramped city living.

Then, as months passed and time ticked on, more change came, the biggest being my new last name. That rainy, yet magical, afternoon in Southport seemed like it was just yesterday. However, somehow six months have officially come and gone since our wedding. While it’s hard to believe, I cannot help but just think back and smile, because my what an incredible couple of months these last few have been.

While this year has definitely had its ups and downs, I have certainly learned so much about myself. What I’ve learned most though, is that no matter what life brings before you, you’ve got to keep going. Keep exploring. And keep learning. I found that my best days were the more adventurous ones. Whether that meant taking a class way far outside my element, or hopping in a car and heading up north. Life is such a precious gift, and I’ve realized its best lived when living to the fullest. Each day. Every day. Spontaneity has become my new motto. And I feel so blessed to have such special people in my life always ready to be a part of the ride.

Below are just a few of my most favorite memories throughout this past year. Please note that I had the idea to go back through all of my posts from 2014, and pick out the ones that stuck out the most to me. But geez, talk about a real challenge! I’m telling you, it was so hard to narrow them all down.

Anyways, here goes nothing…

Having the chance to work with so many talented people at such a great company.


Spring in New York.



Nashville with these ladies for my bachelorette party. I’ll never forget this weekend.


Saying “I do” to my best friend and partner in crime.


Taking in everything Hawaii has to offer. Like jumping off big rocks!


Summer in the city.




 Standing in line like crazies, all for cronuts.


Finding the cutest nooks all over the city.


We were so lucky to have so many family and friends come and visit us this past year in NYC. Like here, here, here and here!



That charming day spent in the Hamptons.


Autumn in the New York.


Touring all over Boston with my parents.


 Seeing New York, from up above.


Exploring the beautiful state of Maine.


 All of our New York adventures, including learning to letterpress!


Stitching stocking with my favorite blogger, Taza, and her husband, Josh!


Having another year to experience a New York Christmas.


 And lastly, finding our new home!!


I can only hope 2015 will bring even more adventures. Here’s to wishing everyone another great year!

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