We’re Moving!

It’s official — we’re moving apartments, and I couldn’t be happier.

For months now, Derek and I have been talking (ok, more like dreaming!) about moving to one of our favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn called Park Slope. Ever since we first explored this area when I moved up about a year ago, it’s been calling our names.

From the charming and oh-so-classic Brownstones lining the streets, to all the cafes and bakeries scattered throughout, this area has such a quaint air about it. So we’re pretty much smitten to finally be able to call this place home!


After signing the lease and being handed the keys, we just couldn’t help ourselves but to head over to our new place and pop a bottle of some bubbly to celebrate.

We found ourselves sitting, sipping, and just reminiscing. My, what a year this has been.


See you soon, 3L.

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