Holiday Markets, Christmas Trees & a Little Bit of Everything

Remember a while back when I couldn’t stop professing my love for autumn in the city, and basically swore up and down it just had to be my favorite time of the year here? Well, I was wrong. While I loved everything about spending days sitting on street benches watching the fiery golden leaves fall, and of course the brisk air during city walks, I have to admit, Christmas in the city takes the win.

There’s just something about walking the streets at night, hand in hand, gazing over all the decorative lights glowing at their finest hour, that puts you in the best holiday spirit. Maybe it’s the fact that you won’t go but a few blocks before seeing yet another massive Christmas tree standing tall and bright. Or all of the holiday markets that line the streets. With all the vendors selling warm cider and creamy hot chocolate, I don’t know how someone cannot seem to find a reason to smile.

Yes, these past two weeks have been spent trying to soak up all the Christmas cheer we can in the city, before heading home to be with friends and family. Luckily for us, the weather has been on our side, and has been perfect for outdoor exploring. I can only hope the rest of the winter months will be this enjoyable.




It was so nice having my mom up here…even if it was just for a few days. I can always count on two things when she comes up: lots of belly laughs, and of course some home-cooked meals. The full fridge is always a bonus!



While Derek and I love perusing all of the holiday markets, the one at Union Square definitely is our favorite. It’s always fun scanning the aisles to see what you’ll find. However, whenever we go, food is usually our top priority. I mean, just look at all the treats below.





Plus, City Bakery is right next to the park. And we all know that’s where you’ll find the absolute best hot chocolate in New York. With of course homemade marshmallows!


Here’s to more holiday cheer these next couple of weeks!

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