Birthday Love: I’m Feeling 24!

Somehow, within the blink of an eye it seems, I now find myself officially at the age of twenty-four. Gah, even writing that feels so weird! I know everyone says this, but seriously, how does time pass so quickly? I’m telling you, this birthday really did sneak up on me, but oh what an amazing day it was.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the birthday wishes I received yesterday. I was definitely feeling the love all throughout the day. And I know part of that is because I was able to spend the day with some really special loved ones.

The day started out on a good note, given the fact I took off work and found myself sleeping in later than my usual 6 a.m. wake-up call. I was so happy to welcome both mine and Derek’s mom in the city, since they decided to come up for the weekend. After spending the afternoon perusing all of the holiday markets around Manhattan, and taking in all of the glimmering Christmas decorations lining the streets, it was time for one of my favorite shows in all of New York — the Rockettes! Ah, this was the third year seeing this show, and I have to say, it never gets old. It just gets better & better.

So yes, yesterday was such a memorable day. And I feel so blessed to have had such an amazing 24 years. Here’s to hoping this is just the beginning of many, many more.


Well, this year marked the first time seeing “wife” on a card!


Me and my favorite little “nugget.”




There seriously is nothing like Christmas in New York. So beautiful.





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