A Mini Thanksgiving


Growing up, there were always so many traditions my family shared. Whether it was always saying our goodnight prayers together, or how my mom always allowed us to pick our own “special menu” to celebrate each of our birthdays, there was always something to look forward to. That being said, traditions are just engrained in me. As silly as any might be, they’re what — in many ways — keeps you close to one another, because you’re all sharing those same memories.

So, ever since Derek and I got married this past summer, we’ve been trying to find ways to make our own traditions as a couple. One in particular that we came up with, was to start creating our own little mini Thanksgiving feast, before the real holiday celebration. I’d be the first to admit, as fun as this meal was to put together, I can now see why so many cooks of the household get so stressed on this day. There’s a lot of work that goes into this much-anticipated feast. From the prep work, to the cooking, and then of course the cleanup, it’s a full day’s work! But overall, definitely worth it.

I was so impressed with everything we made. Let’s see, the menu had everything from the mini turkey, to cranberry cornbread, rosemary & chives sweet potatoes, mac-n-cheese, and cauliflower & asparagus. And then a pear-cranberry crisp to top it all off!

Needless to say, we. were. stuffed.

In between all the “yum’s” and “oh-my-gosh-that’s-good,” Derek and I spent much of the meal talking about how thankful we both are. To be able to live our dreams out in New York, together, we cannot help but feel so blessed. And I cannot wait to go home Wednesday, to be with the people that mean the most to us. Life is such a precious gift, and one we’ve learned not to take for granted. I can only continue to thank the good Lord above for providing us with so many blessings, and of course being surrounded with such special loved ones.

Life is good.

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