Learning to Letterpress

I’ve always had such an infatuation with letterpress printing. To me, this form of art is just such a rarity, and I find myself constantly being amazed every time I happen to run my fingers across the embossed ink pressed into the usual card-stock. Maybe that explains why I am literally obsessed with this kind of stationary.

With the help from Dan and his team at The Arm (a letterpress studio) in Williamsburg, I was able to learn all about the basics of this craft. What a fun and exciting afternoon it was! While I took the introductory course, it didn’t take long to realize how meticulous you have to be with all the details that goes into this kind of printing. Talk about a lot of tender, love and care!

I cannot express enough how invigorating the whole process was, from start to finish. Although I kept all of my creations very simple, it was still so much fun thinking up the different designs. With Dan’s extensive collection, the options were pretty endless. From font types to colors, he had everything! Not to mention his incredibly charming studio.


I fell in love with these the doors the moment I walked in. How beautiful.


It was also so awesome listening to his passion for letterpress. Basically, this craft goes back five generations in his family. How cool!?


It was hard to choose what even to create! So many letters. So many choices.


Of course these baby succulents made me happy.






Some people got super creative. It was awesome seeing everyone’s designs…



And of course, the best letterpress assistant you could ask for: Dan’s dalmatian, Henry!


And I present to you, my afternoon creations!


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